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The bottom line is that Diverst software has increased our Employee Resource Group membership and helps us drive a culture where everyone feels a sense of belonging, all while increasing our D&I process efficiency by over 20%.

Heather Hansen

HR Workforce Inclusive Specialist

What are ERGs?

A meaningful approach to empower your diverse talent and foster diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging within your organization.

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Logo of the National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC) with the tagline 'Advancing Economic Equity Together'.

Certified Minority Supplier

The National Minority Supplier Development Council’s (NMSDC) Certification Policy and Procedures are firmly adhered to by its 23 regional affiliate councils (or RMSDCs) for the certification of minority–owned, managed and controlled businesses.

Standardized Procedures assure consistent certification of MBEs throughout the NMSDC Network. The NMSDC is the only national organization providing certification throughout the U.S. for ethnically diverse suppliers ready to do business.

Diverst Reviews

Heather Hansen
HR Workforce Inclusive Specialist

“It seems like just yesterday we announced a new partnership with Diverst. Our Company was one of 5 companies piloting this technology at the time, and together we crafted a specialized platform to support all our Diversity and Inclusion initiatives. Our collaboration with Diverst created a true online community, allowing associates to see and participate in what’s happening with our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). It includes great features like:

  • Calendar of events
  • Individual ERG site pages
  • News links and articles important to members
  • Crowd sourcing features
  • And more…

Through our partnership we created a platform for mentorship, where people can find each other and administrative reporting that is actionable. We can look at the group growth rates, group engagement, budget compliance, survey data, as well as see and reward individuals that are engaged. The bottom line is that Diverst software has increased our employee resource group membership and helps us drive a culture where everyone feels a sense of belonging; all while increasing our process efficiency by over 20%. It creates an environment reminiscent of social media that individuals are familiar with to help drive overall engagement. People can share, connect and simply be who they are.”

Brittanie R.
Belonging, Equity, and Impact Specialist, UKG

“Using Diverst has been a great experience. The ability to announce events, share news, and maintain metrics in one centralized space is a game-changer. One of our favorite features is the ability to directly email members from the platform. This platform has elevated our ERG dynamics, creating a globally connected and informed community.”

Angela H.
Director Belonging, Equity, and Impact Specialist, UKG

“The ease with which we can track ERG memberships and measure group growth has brought a new level of transparency and efficiency to our initiatives. Our use of Diverst is one of the keys to understanding and nurturing the growth of our Employee Resource Groups.  It’s not just about numbers; it’s about the meaningful connections and shared goals that this platform helps accomplish.”

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