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Diverst ERG Software: Easy, Intuitive and Powerful

Easy For Members

Finding the right ERG with clunky internal tools can often feel daunting for employees. The task becomes even more challenging when attempting to stay updated and actively engaged with ERG events. Diverst has a social-network-like user interface,making it a breeze for employees to connect with ERGs that resonate with their interests and values. And keeping up with and participating in events is an easy experience for your employees. With Diverst, the journey towards active and enriching ERG participation is simplified, paving the way for vibrant ERG communities that foster inclusivity and belonging.

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Intuitive For ERG Managers

ERG Managers, often volunteers juggling this role with their daily jobs, face the daunting task of managing Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) using manual methods and outdated tools. This manual approach, laden with spreadsheets and disjointed communications, can stifle the progress and impact of ERGs. Diverst provides a suite of intuitive tools designed to streamline the process of creating, managing, and measuring ERGs, transforming a potentially time-consuming task into an efficient, manageable process.

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Powerful For DEI Leaders

In the quest to foster a more inclusive and equitable workplace, DEI Leaders confront the challenge of quantifying the impact of their initiatives. Diverst is a trusted guide, offering a robust suite of tools designed for this mission-critical task. Our platform not only unveils the story told by your data but empowers you to narrate a tale of tangible ROI. With Diverst, transform the narrative of your DEI efforts into a story of measurable success, making a compelling case for the continued investment in diversity, equity, and inclusion.

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Diverst Mobile App

Experience the power of Diverst right at your fingertips with our iOS and Android Apps. Designed with a user-friendly interface and responsive layout, our mobile applications ensure that ERG members stay connected and engaged, no matter where they are. The intuitive navigation and streamlined design make it effortless to continue your ERG activities on the go.

  • Join ERGs
  • Engage with Content
  • Interact with Members
  • Sign up for Events


User engagement growth


Annual membership growth


Time savings for ERG managers*

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More than an ERG

Employees that feel they belong:

Our experience in fostering organizational DEIB, employee engagement, and ERG program designs is deeply incorporated into the software; this is why the toolset and modules were structured to work together, or independently.

The Diverst platform is more than a mere ERG software. It’s a suite that delivers on the promise of benefits of diversity in the workplace.

Connect with Integrations

Integrate effortlessly with all the HRIS and Collaboration Tools that your employees interact with daily. Whether it’s HRIS, LMS, SSO, or various collaboration tools, we’ve got you covered. Our integration capabilities are designed to weave your ERGs seamlessly into your employees’ workflow. This not only amplifies ERG engagement but also helps increase the measurement and ROI of your ERGs. With our support, you can ensure that your ERGs are an integral part of your organizational ecosystem, fostering a culture of inclusivity and continuous learning.

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Innovate Your Culture
Employees are increasingly demanding companies take DEIB into account. Nearly 80% of job seekers stated that working for a diverse company is important to them.
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Frequently Asked Questions Questions more ERG Leaders and DEI Teams have about ERG Management Software

Diverst’s Employee Resource Group software is a high-touch, multi-featured platform designed to help enterprise companies and government agencies turn D&I into ROI. Our platform provides the framework to launch, manage, and measure employee resource groups with ease. Companies that use Diverst’s ERG software find that it makes all aspects of the user, leader, and admin experience more fluid and, therefore, more enjoyable and more impactful.
Yes! Diverst will work directly with your IT team to pull in your HRIS data. We follow industry-standard privacy and security practices with your HRIS data. To see what this looks like in action, set up a call.
Diverst’s platform provides both ERG leaders and administrators access to a suite of engagement and participation metrics at both the user and program levels. Visual analytics dashboards deliver actionable insights for stakeholders.
The number one factor is how many employees you have in your organization since ERGs are inclusive by design and open to all of your employees. Don’t worry, we make understanding pricing easy for you, book a call with us to get a quick quote.

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