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All in one ERG Platform to boost membership, increase engagement, measure impact, and save time. All while driving diversity, equity, and inclusion.

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Desktop screen with snapshot of Diverst ERG
Desktop screen with snapshot of Diverst ERG
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All in one ERG Platform to boost membership, increase engagement, measure impact, and save time. All while driving diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Mobile screen with snapshot of Diverst ERG

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Desktop screen with snapshot of Diverst ERG

Why Diverst’s ERG Software?


Manage Employee Resource Groups from an intuitive dashboard and promote diverse talent from within your ranks.


Engage diverse employees to meet your objectives and deliver “impact on business” results. Connect D&I with ROI.


Employees who feel like they belong have higher retention rates and are more innovative — a critical recipe that boosts organizational performance.

Foster Belonging & Turn

Diverst is your diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging platform

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The ease with which we can track ERG memberships and measure group growth has brought a new level of transparency and efficiency to our initiatives. Our use of Diverst is one of the keys to understanding and nurturing the growth of our Employee Resource Groups. It’s not just about numbers; it’s about the meaningful connections and shared goals that this platform helps accomplish.

Angela H. Director Belonging, Equity, and Impact

Empower Your Team Diverst simplifies the journey, offering intuitive tools and resources that effortlessly bring together members, leaders, and the DEI team, creating an effective and impactful ERG experience.

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ERG Members
  • JOIN Communities
  • ENGAGE with Events & Content
  • CONTRIBUTE to Mission & Goals
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ERG Leaders
  • ATTRACT Members
  • PROMOTE Engagement
  • BUILD Communities
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DEI Team
  • MONITOR Performance
  • MEASURE Impact

Erg Management Software Made Easy

ERG Management:
Manual VS ERG Software

ERG Management Made Easy with Diverst. For ERG Managers, transitioning from manual to software offers significant time savings by streamlining the ERG workflow. ERG Members benefit from an enhanced user experience, optimizing their interactions and leading to increased engagement. DEI Teams will tap into advanced analytics and insights, providing metrics to assess and measure the impact of ERGs. And for the broader company, ERG management software translates to nurturing a culture of inclusivity and deepening a sense of belonging.

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Supercharge Your DEI Goals: Mentoring & ERGs

Employees prioritize working for companies that value DEI, seeking affinity-based professional development, skills enhancement, and meaningful engagement at work. The combined power of ERGs and mentoring bridge employee engagement, development, productivity, and DEI goals, as evidenced by the fact that:

  • 100% of the DiversityInc Top 50 companies have ERG programs 
  • 90% of Fortune 500 companies have ERGs
  • 92% of the Fortune 500 companies have mentoring programs

Mentoring + ERGs = More ROI

Our team of experts is committed to transforming mentoring and ERGs into key tools that not only enhance employee engagement and productivity but also significantly reduce turnover costs, fostering an inclusive and thriving workplace culture in the process.


Frequently Asked Questions Questions more ERG Leaders and DEI Teams have about ERG Management Software

Diverst’s Employee Resource Group software is a high-touch, multi-featured platform designed to help enterprise companies and government agencies turn D&I into ROI. Our platform provides the framework to launch, manage, and measure employee resource groups with ease. Companies that use Diverst’s ERG software find that it makes all aspects of the user, leader, and admin experience more fluid and, therefore, more enjoyable and more impactful.
Yes! Diverst will work directly with your IT team to pull in your HRIS data. We follow industry-standard privacy and security practices with your HRIS data. To see what this looks like in action, set up a call.
Diverst’s platform provides both ERG leaders and administrators access to a suite of engagement and participation metrics at both the user and program levels. Visual analytics dashboards deliver actionable insights for stakeholders.
The number one factor is how many employees you have in your organization since ERGs are inclusive by design and open to all of your employees. Don’t worry, we make understanding pricing easy for you, book a call with us to get a quick quote.

Still have questions? Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Drop us a quick email and we will get back to you!

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Erg Management Software Made Easy

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