B/ERG leaders are the lifeblood of any successful resource group. These are folks in voluntary roles in addition to their everyday jobs. It is, therefore, paramount that they be able to lead and manage their respective groups as best they can; armed with the right tools and knowledge to effectively push the diversity & inclusion (D&I) envelope forward.

As Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) continue to shift towards being Business Resource Groups

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(BRGs), it is vital that we enable BRG leaders to put their best foot forward during their leadership tenure, which typically lasts one-to-two years. It is equally as important to provide future BRG leaders with data, best practices, and all digital assets so that they can hit the ground running and do what they do best – build a culture of inclusion & belonging and provide a meaningful experience to their members; that means being out in front of their members recruiting, engaging, mentoring and motivating supported by the most purposeful technology for their needs.

BRG leaders struggle with certain areas of their roles, many due to the lack of integrated enterprise technology available at their fingertips. Fortunately, Diverst has created a game-changing, best-of-breed D&I technology platform that not only helps D&I leadership, BRG members, and BRG leaders alike; everyone is covered. Here are five key domains where we can help your organization’s BRG leaders succeed:

1. BRG Management

Enabling proper management to BRG leaders remains most important of all. Without real-time reporting & analytics, BRG leaders struggle with properly onboarding and real-time measurement. Diverst enables BRG leaders to manage and track their members all within a single dashboard. By having a single dashboard to view members, send messages, share news, list upcoming events and share knowledge – leaders can now get the most out of their groups and gain critical insight into what’s working and what might not be.

2. Event Planning & Requesting Budget

This is probably the most fragmented area in D&I programs today, as it is commonly

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performed using legacy and desktop tools such as Microsoft Excel. One can easily imagine, that as these programs scale, things can get pretty messy in spreadsheets (no offense Microsoft). Diverst provides BRG leaders access to planning & budgeting tools to make budget requests for one or multiple events. Our platform tracks spend for each planned event and can even reallocate remaining funds for future D&I initiatives – providing leadership with full visibility into D&I activities and expenditures before, during and after they occur.

3. Surveys & Scorecards

Distribution lists need to go away. Every time BRG leaders request email addresses for members, event participants or other related groups, it bogs down whatever D&I management is working on. BRG leaders need a quick and easy way to deploy surveys or scorecards, on-demand to targeted groups with the click of a mouse. Diverst provides just that; along with integrated reporting to highlight either quantitative or qualitative results. Whether it be to run a sentiment analysis, event scorecard or even hold BRG leadership elections, this new tool-set has got you covered.

4. BRG Silos

Quite often, BRGs suffer the silo effect and do not cross-pollinate with other BRGs. While many organizations use general collaboration tools that are great conversation starters, they don’t offer leadership or members with any insight or visibility into the value created by bringing BRGs together to collaborate on D&I hot topics or critical business objectives. Diverst breaks down existing BRG silos and shows the impact on the business that these high performing groups can have when operating strategically and together. Imagine the pride and excitement any BRG leader would feel by being able to show senior leadership teams the precise level of cost-savings or revenue generation that their group helped create? And as empirical research is increasingly proving, diverse teams are more innovative (HBR – Why Diverse Teams Are Smarter).

5. Engagement

Engagement remains a tricky conundrum for not only BRG leaders but D&I practitioners as a whole. However, if BRG leaders are highly engaged in their roles and feel like the organization is actively recognizing their efforts, you’ll see a trickle-down effect to the BRG members as well. Diverst has multiple methods for creating engagement within D&I programs, and have proven modules to drive participation. We first make it about them, and we constantly track engagement through advanced backend algorithms that monitor different system actions and task performance.

Diverst Engage™: Identify high performing BRGs and top talent

Diverst is manifesting itself across the F500; with clients in technology, manufacturing, insurance and retail, the common denominators are D&I pain-points and the opportunity to solve them. Diverst is engaging BRGs globally and accelerating D&I for large scale companies. Former Chief Diversity Officers have partnered with us and have recognized us as the leaders in this emerging space. If you are a BRG leader searching for smarter ways to get things done or a D&I manager aiming to enhance your organization’s program significantly, let us know – we would be thrilled to give you a free demo.