Easy ERG Management

  • 360 degree visibility through Manage ERG™

  • Simple membership management

  • Create new ERGs in minutes

  • Identify and connect with ERG leaders enterprise-wide

Actionable Data

  • Predictive analytics and on-demand metrics

  • Track customizable D&I KPIs

  • Create custom dashboards for each ERG

  • Track performance against D&I goals

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Key Product Features

Comprehensive functionality with an exciting product road map.

360° Planning & Budgeting

  • Allocate, approve or reject budgets requests for each ERG

  • Built-in workflows for easy diversity management

  • Never lose sight of unused funds with Plan™

Surveys, Sentiment & Scorecards

  • Measure the effectiveness of your corporate diversity programs

  • Identify and remediate unconscious bias

  • Automatically deploy event appreciation surveys with Include™

Strategic Event Management

  • Create ERG-specific or global D&I events

  • Track your diversity programs in the workplace participants

  • Integrated Global or ERG-specific calendars

Talent Pool Segmentation

  • Create segments for deeper inclusion

  • Engage more talent into the conversation

  • Broaden enterprise diversity outreach

Inclusion With Business Impact

  • Engage ERGs and their members to cross-collaborate on initiatives with measurable business impact

  • Diversity is the secret sauce to innovation; Innovate™ helps make that possible

Diverse Hires from Internal Pipeline

  • Identify & promote existing diverse employees using our unique Diversity Culture Index (DCI™)

  • Discover future ERG leaders, mentors and evangelists


Scalable and configurable diversity software.


Secure Cloud-hosting

Hosted on world-class provider infrastructure with 99.5% uptime guaranteed



Integrate seamlessly with your
favorite enterprise apps


Mobile Responsive

Take advantage of the same UX across all
major devices (smart phone, tablet, etc.)

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