The Rise of Inclusive Diversity Celebrations
Posted on February 13, 2020
People talking, thinking concept.
  The past four months represents a very active time of year for diversity and inclusion, one that also demonstrates the progress we’ve made in recognizing and celebrating our distinct communities. The increase and variety of diverse groups that celebrate their individuality and uniqueness is an encouraging sign that society is transitioning (albeit slowly) towards a more tolerant and accepting stance regarding our differences. We are moving towards a culture that brims with diversity and inclusion. Every November 11th we celebrate ve
Has Diversity and Inclusion Helped black CEOs?
Posted on February 9, 2020
Here we are in the middle of the 2020 edition of Black History Month, which means it's a time to look forward as well as to look back. BHM was heralded in by President Gerald Ford back in 1976. As recent as this seems in relation to the long history of the nation, the beginnings of Black History month actually go back over 100 years, through several iterations before settling into what it has become today. Yes, I chose the word “settling” by design and it will become more obvious as one reads on. You see, Black History Month celebrates t
Women, ERGs and the FDA
Posted on February 3, 2020
The other day I was watching a documentary on the on the history of the Safe Food movement in the USA, something that we today take for granted; from monitoring the sanitary standards of slaughterhouses to food package labeling, the FDA’s origin is something few of us have ever questioned . However, it all started humbly enough and grew into the societal pillar it is today. The Safe Food movement was spearheaded by a driven and headstrong pioneer named Harvey Washington Wiley who ultimately was responsible for the passage of the landmark Pure

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