Inclusion Technology – The Great Leap in HCM Software
Posted on March 7, 2017
Remember when all of the best selling minivans only had a single sliding door on only one side?  They were great family vehicles with the latest technology.  Then, seemingly out of nowhere, an innovation occurred and immediately, these single sliding door minivans dropped from cutting edge to yesterday’s news. Somebody changed the game by putting sliding doors on both sides…you know the rest.  The same evolution is happening in the HCM software world… Human capital management (HCM) software has been around for quite some time. Many
Inclusion: the best of D&I yet to come
Posted on March 7, 2017
The past 24-months have been an exciting time for organizations steeped in Diversity and inclusion. There have been visible, systemic efforts afoot to elevate the role and purpose of D&I to become peer to other corporate initiatives. The reasons today go far beyond the optics of looking the part; Diversity and inclusion are good for your organization, inside and out. But there isn’t so much a shift in focus away from diversity in favor of inclusion, but rather an augmented lens on the latter. As we know, diversity needs inclusion for it t

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